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Codependency & Addiction

Codependency-a second-hand life Co-dependency is developed by an individual because they are not able to fully love themselves even though they get validation and acceptance from others. By helping others, it brings them a sense of acceptance and good feelings about themselves. At Twin Rivers, we address co-dependency and educate clients on how co-dependency

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Addiction Psychology

Addiction is never a choice! One of the reasons that Twin Rivers provides ‘individualised’ treatment is that all addictions may have similar traits and outcomes but the lifestyle and psychology attached to each addiction can vary widely. It is widely accepted these days that the primary driver and ‘gateway’ to drug abuse is not

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Suicide & Mental Health

Understanding suicide Twin Rivers Rehab is a registered, residential treatment centre that has a programme and staffing team that is geared to assisting those who suffer from a dual diagnosis. Many of our clients report suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide because of troubled childhoods, chronic trauma, addiction, and mental health disorders. Very few of

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Acute-Chronic & Complex Trauma

Twin Rivers approach Twin Rivers Rehab fully appreciates that mental health and addiction treatment mostly requires trauma-informed individual psychotherapeutic care. Just treating the symptoms of mental health issues or addiction and not exploring past life events can lead to very tragic consequences for the client. That is why the dual diagnosis approach at Twin Rivers

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Twin Rivers Trauma Recovery

In recent years, the term “trauma” has become increasingly prevalent in the addiction recovery and mental health fields. While the recognition of trauma’s impact on mental well-being is crucial, it’s important to acknowledge that the overuse of any mental health term may lead to its dilution and potential desensitization. The word ‘depression’ is another example

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Load Shedding & Mental Health

Sleeping tablets, stress, and load-shedding Stress has become a widely seen struggle for many people. Loadshedding and unforeseen power outages in South Africa are now more problematic than ever. Load-shedding is seen to increase stress levels because the work timeline is affected, making the whole process of meeting deadlines an ever more stress-inducing task. Not

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