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  Twin Rivers Addiction Recovery and Codependency Centre

Plettenberg Bay-The Garden Route-South Africa.

Twin Rivers is an internationally acclaimed licensed treatment centre that specialises in treating:

ADDICTION DISORDERS-including drugs such as heroin-mandrax, amphetamines-crystal meth-tik, cocaine-crack, kat, cannabis, ecstasy-MDMA, hallucinogens-LSD, prescription pills and alcohol. Also Internet addiction, eating disorders, psychological trauma such as grief and loss and serial relapsers.

DUAL DIAGNOSIS-Clients with a combined diagnosis of an addiction and a mental health disorder such as depression.

PERSONALITY DISORDERS-Clients suffering with disordered thinking and behaviours(like OCD)that are not necessarily directly connected to an addiction.

The Twin Rivers  P-A-C-T – Professional – Authentic – Client Focussed – Teamwork;

Professional – We show competence, efficiency, expertise, polish and experience in the way we approach our tasks.
Authentic – We are dependable, reliable, genuine, legitimate, pure, real, true and above all, we are trustworthy.
Client-Focused – The best interests of the client is placed at the core of our actions. We structure treatment plans around each client. We are accessible to the clients and  we do our utmost to improve their daily lives.
Teamwork – We work as a group, focused on empowering and elevating the inherent strengths of one-another to ensure that the best interests of the clients are served with excellence. We recognize and respect one another’s unique skills and we are always working towards common and realistic goals.

Overview of the Centre

Twin Rivers is a family based rehabilitation centre located in the picturesque and tranquil Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Founded by addiction treatment specialists David Briskham and his wife Caroline who between them have over 30 years of addiction recovery experience. Twin Rivers is the manifestation of David and Caroline’s vision to create a facility that takes a unique approach to the holistic treatment of modern day addiction and mental health disorders. Twin Rivers has been designed from the ground up to provide individualised care programmes that clearly separates Twin Rivers from most other rehabilitation facilities in South Africa and Europe . No more than 12 clients are admitted at any one time, ensuring that each client receives regular individual therapy from addiction counsellors and a psychologist; just one of the reasons that Twin Rivers has a five star rating, click on the link in the top right-hand corner of this page. It’s this approach that enables Twin Rivers to work successfully with addicts and alcoholics, clients who repeatedly relapse, those who suffer with the loneliness of repeated anti-social type behaviours and clients with a dual diagnosis, all of which requires specialized individualized care. Much thought and planning went into the location and design of the Twin Rivers who employs a highly qualified and experienced team of ‘recovering’ and ‘non-recovering’ practitioners.

Plettenberg Bay is located on the Garden Route, an area world famous for its beauty and serenity. The town is bordered by long sandy award winning beaches and there are a huge variety of activities and attractions nearby such as elephant parks and the worlds largest aviary, Birds of Eden. We believe that a professional rehabilitation facility such as ours offers a great opportunity for clients to relax and detach from troubling external issues and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Our dedicated multidisciplinary team is unified in our vision to introduce clients to an improved way of thinking that will positively impact their behaviour, leading towards a more constructive and meaningful lifestyle. We pride ourselves in the quality and efficacy of our program and base everything we do on our basic tenets of total professionalism, compassion and essential individualized client care. For a refreshing and innovative approach to addiction treatment, contact us at Twin Rivers rehabilitation centre and talk with a staff member.

Addiction does not simply disappear; It remains within you, but it sleeps! By working the 12 step recovery programme you may develop the ability to choose whether to wake it up or not!


Twin Rivers is a licensed addictions recovery centre:

South African Department of Social Development-Certificate No – 15/10/3/4/2C-02/2013
Board of Healthcare Funders of South Africa-Practice No – 047 001 044 8850

Twin Rivers Centre is constantly developing programmes that successfully address modern day addiction and  mental health disorders. South Africa may seem a long way to travel but in comparison it is a small price to pay!

 Twin Rivers – Where recovery starts!

Third Party Accreditation for Twin Rivers Rehab

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